Digital art doll THEFT


Since I started this blog I’ve been getting a bunch of messages from outraged artist communities about hack-artists and copycat artists that the world needs to know about. Last night I got an anonymous tip about fake artist Mijn Schatje (aka Marie Blanco Hendrickx) who is plenty successful and admired (with magazines, awards, fashion lines, books and the whole shebang). She’s a digital artist and she’s obviosuly upset a f*ck lot of peeps out there ‘cos she’s been blogged about a lot!!!!!!

Why do people hate successful French digital artist Mijn Schatje? Because she creates her ‘art’ by tracing over other artist photos of their work (usually sculpted dolls) using Photoshop and passes it off as entirely her work from her own imagination. She doesn’t give any credit to the artists she stole content from and she profits financially from their hard work. A ton of her work is ripped off from artist Kallisti aka Blastmilk.

One blog said

“She has ripped BJD faces both from official company photos, and doll owner-photos alike. Many doll owners consider their photography an original form of art, which makes it especially galling to have a photo copied and resold. ”

Another blog points out that Mijn doesn’t do the hard work, but it’s “the people responsible for the sculpting, delicate painting, and painstaking photography of these labor-intensive creations.””

Another blog says “She copies VERBATIM these people’s work and calls it her own. She’s become so famous that prints alone sell for over $1k a pop. I can’t stand this!

How many countless TALENTED artists are there in the world that are living poor and unknown lives when this jack-off Mijn Schatje is getting rich and famous from stealing?”

Read more about here on these blogs

I didn’t put these images together – they were created by others to show how Mijn traced over photos of people’s doll sculptures to make her ‘original digital artwork.”

My vote – THEFT!









4 thoughts on “Digital art doll THEFT

  1. What a BITCH! I can’t believe she thinks she can trace over peoples work who slaved hard to come up with the ideas, the faces, and they sculpted them, finished them, painted them, dressed them, photographed them with thought and effort on lighting etc and then she just traces over it in like an hour and gets all the glory?! WTF? Hope she’s being sued by everyone she ripped off.

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